About YELD
Next-Generation Yield Farming


YELD is the next innovation in stablecoin yield farming that generates high, consistent returns for token holders permanently. Three core features make YELD a superior Yield Farming Product: Retirement Treasury, Optimized Yield Farming, and Decreasing Supply.

Core Features

Retirement Yield Treasury

The Retirement Yield system allows you to earn ETH based on your YELD balance and the current supply in the Retirement Yield Treasury contract in a non-custodial manner.

Optimized Yield Farming

To generate high and consistent returns for yield farmers, stakers are rewarded with YELD governance tokens that continuously increase in value given the constantly reducing supply. Additionally, staked portfolios are rebalanced to generate the best APY from a variety of lending protocols such as Aave, Compound, etc.

Decreasing Supply

YELD uses a new buy & burn algorithm that splits the daily yield generated in half to automatically buy ETH and exchange it for YELD tokens on Uniswap. Those YELD tokens are burned to reduce the total supply, resulting in an instant price increase.
The total supply of YELD will continue to decrease until it reaches 10,000 YELD from the initial total supply of 60,000 YELD.


  • Total supply: 60,000 YELD (No more tokens can be minted)
  • Circulating Supply: ~40,000 YELD
  • Reward Pool: 20,000 YELD