Crypto Score
The Crypto Score is a number that indicates how many tokens you can borrow with no collateral. It increases every time you repay a loan and the larger your Crypto Score the more you can borrow.
For instance, let's say you borrow 1000 tether for 50 days and you repay it in 40 days, paying an extra 100 tether in borrowing fees. Half of it, 50 tether will be added to your Crypto Score. Considering that 1 tether = 1 USD, your Crypto Score will be increased by 50 points.
The Crypto Score is made of all the tokens borrowed and used to repay loans. It's always represented is dollars therefore all the tokens used as Crypto Score will be converted to dollars and added together to create your final score.
Let's say you have 0.1 WBTC (worth $5,000), 1 ETH (worth $2,000) and 4000 tether (worth $4,000) used as your Crypto Score. Your final score will be the combined USD value of those tokens, $5,000 + $2,000 + $4,000 = 11,000.
With such high Crypto Score the user will be able to borrow about 0.22 WBTC (worth approximately $11,000) with no collateral at any time. Note that these numbers are estimates for simplicity purposes.
This mechanic allows borrowers to get funds from the lending pool without having to lock any equivalent value.
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