Frequent answers and questions


Q1: Why should I use YELD?

YELD presents three opportunities to investors to make money:
  1. 1.
    Standard Yield: It is the APY you generate when you stake your stablecoins. This happens when YELD invests the total value locked in protocols like Aave, Fulcrum etc. You will earn your APY in a stablecoin on top of your investment.
  2. 2.
    Yield Farming: When you stake stablecoin in one, or more, of the stablecoin pools, you earn Yeld.
  3. 3.
    Retirement Yield Treasury: When you hold YELD in your wallet, you receive ETH from the retirement treasury distributions.
The opportunities above are not mutually exclusive, meaning you can benefit from all of them.

Q2: How do I farm YELD?

You can earn YELD by staking your stablecoins in the farming dApp. You can deposit DAI, Tether, TrueUSD, or USDC to earn YELD. Alternatively, you can buy YELD on uniswap.org or cointiger.com.

Q3: Will my stablecoins be time-locked during farming?

No, you can withdraw your staked stablecoins as well as earnings any time you choose.

Q4: How many YELD tokens have been minted?

Here is a summary of YELD tokenomics:
  • Total supply: 60,000 YELD (No more tokens can be minted)
  • Circulating Supply: 40,000 YELD
  • Reward Pool: 20,000 YELD

Q5: How is Yeld different from other Yield Optimization projects?

Unlike other Yield Optimization products, YELD rewards token holders and protocol participants in the 3 ways:
  • Optimized APY on the stablecoins staked with governance token rewards
  • The Retirement Yield Treasury system to reward holders
  • Token value appreciation via the Buy & burn mechanism

Q6: Explain more about your permanent holders rewards?

As mentioned above, YELD token stakers earn ETH from the Retirement Yield Treasury. The more YELD tokens you stake, the larger percentage you can earn from the Retirement Treasury daily.

Q7: Has YELD been audited?

Yes, YELD has been audited by Barmah Systems and Coinfabrik
You can find the audit reports below and in our website yeld.finance.

Q8: What's the near-future focus of YELD?

YELD's goal for this year is to deliver a superior DeFi yield farming dApp that provides users with great returns while opening the doors for future finance solutions based on blockchain technology.
After that our goal is to release governance and create more and groundbreaking DeFi products.

Q9: Where can I buy Yeld?

Right now you can buy YELD on Uniswap by searching for YELD and selecting the token with our logo. You can also buy on cointiger.com which is an order book based exchange for the yeld / tether pair and Bilaxy.
We want to get listed in as many places as possible, that’s a continuous effort.