Retirement Yield

About The Retirement Treasury Functionality

The Retirement Yield Treasury is a system that enables YELD token holders to earn ETH based on their token balance and the current supply in the Retirement Yield Treasury.

How it works

When someone withdraws their staked stablecoins from the YELD staking dApp, a 0.02% of the stablecoins deposited is converted to ETH and stored in the Retirement Yield Treasury. Funds in the treasury are distributed to token holders. The amount earned depends on the total YELD supply, the balance users held, and the current pool balance.
Start by staking your Yeld tokens by clicking on "Stake Yeld Tokens" to send your specified balance to the staking Smart Contract. The contract will hold your tokens and allow you to redeem your portion of the Retirement Yield pool in ETH.
For instance, if user A stakes 600 YELD tokens, the snapshot will register those 600 YELD tokens. With a total supply of 60,000 YELD, the user will be able to redeem a 1% of the total ETH stored in the Retirement Yield pool. If the pool holds 100 ETH, he'll be able to get 1 ETH per day.
Once that's done, the user must wait at least 24 hours to redeem the corresponding ETH balance depending on their holdings. Users can wait as long as they want to redeem their balance, however they must allow 24 hours to pass since the snapshot creation.
Note that stakers can wait for as long as they want to redeem their Retirement Yield earnings. The only requirement is that they have staked some YELD for at least 24 hours. Every new stake resets the counter so you'll have to wait 24 hours every time you stake YELD.